Saturday, November 01, 2014

Divide and Conquer

The overwhelmed overworked teacher spoke up at the faculty meeting.  He was told the forum was inappropriate and offered another opportunity to air his grievance.  He sat down.  Another overwhelmed over worked teacher spoke up and then added some additional fuel to the fire.  He refused to stop.  Others knew he was right and in their hearts agreed even though they knew his actions might be inappropriate at the moment.  They secretly cheered him on for having the courage to say and do what they only felt.  Eventually, with no support, the teacher sat down and the meeting resumed.

The next day the Principal asked teachers to write statements that would be used against the overwhelmed overworked frustrated teacher.  While they sympathized they did as the Principal requested.  They feared for their jobs and for their tenure.  They claimed to dislike the overwhelmed overworked teacher even though he was one of them and his winning would only help them.

The Principal wants a staff divided and distrustful of each other.  He wants total control and for some insane reason believes this is the best way to gain it.  I wonder where the union is on all this?


Anonymous said...

At Jamaica High School, the entire faculty would have refused to write any such thing. Appalling!!

Bronx ATR said...

Kind of reminds me of the comments section on your last post. I think people should have some empathy and a backbone as a prerequisite to teaching. The people I come into contact with daily as an ATR are spineless drones. (That especially includes the "chapter leaders".) No manners, unless you're someone who counts. Instead of teaching the students, many school staffs seem to have emulated the students' language, dress, and behavior. Grown men with their asses hanging out, 25 year old guidance counselors having temper tantrums and never a please, thank you, you're welcome or good morning. You're welcome has disappeared from the NYC lexicon and has been replaced with a "no problem". What the f--k does that mean!? One teacher last week asked me the time and I said a quarter to 3 , "That's 3:45, right?". In all honesty I'm not sure she was a teacher - the students look older than the staff (I'm not joking).

Anonymous said...

All these issues mentioned at systemic. It rots-stinks and sucks-the DOE I mean!
This school MUST stand up for each other because administration won't. The union was formed years ago for people to stand together. YOU NEVER KNOW-IT COULD BE YOU NEXT and I'm sure it will. When that happens you will want the support of everyone as well not a stab in the back from your own!

ChiTown Girl said...

What the hell?!?! This is truly disgusting.

I seem to be reminded almost daily of how lucky I am to be OUT!


Anonymous said...

Time to send letters and email Mulgrew asking him what our union dues are being used for. No help and support and our union dues get flushed down the toilet..