Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Crock Of BS

Van Buren HS is teaming up with Syracuse University to give students an opportunity to earn college credits while still in high school.  Courses will be $100 a credit as opposed to $60,000  year tuition at the school.

Van Buren claims the kids will get a great experience and opportunity.  I say BS!  They will be sitting in glorified high school classes with teachers who are forced to lower standards to pass them.  No AP tests might mean a grade doesn't depend on one class but no AP exam also means no standards.

The colleges get lots of $$$$ when high school kids take their classes off campus.  The high schools get some prestige and get to be written up in the newspaper.  The kids get a whole lot of nothing.

(source:  Queens Chronicle October 30, 2014)


Tamar Flower said...

Van Buren HS is now on Mayor De Blasio's schools improvement list... I am sure its all connected..

ChiTown Girl said...


Bronx ATR said...

A sad state of affairs. I can't find an American plumber, electrician, carpenter or mechanic. Bloomberg closed all the CTE schools. Kids who are reading on a 3rd grade level are being told they can be doctors, lawyers, and scientists. They're being pushed into whatever college will accept them, only to meet with utter failure. We need tradespeople. What's wrong with making a good living, honestly? I said this to a professor at Lehman College twenty years ago. She said "So it's ok for your kid to go to college and make something of himself, but not for the Black or Hispanic kid?". (She was a nice Jewish lady.) My son was never academically inclined and graduated from a vocational high school in Yonkers. He's happy and employed - something I'd like to see for all NYC students.

Ms. Tsouris said...

Antics like this program and "you can't fail 'em" College Now are cheapening the whole concept of college as a place of higher learning and actual academic rigor. Such bullcrap!

Anonymous said...

My son took college classes off campus at his school. Students take classes in what they excel in. Problem: Colleges don't accept many college classes in your major. He had to re-take all these classes that he was fed BS about. He was told it would help lower the credits he would need in college. BS again!