Thursday, October 09, 2014

Making Of A Successful Student

I covered a pre-calculus class in the college today.  You'd think students at this level would care about learning and some do.  I was shocked when several got up and walked out after attendance was taken.Crossing names off the list didn't stop several more from leaving even though they knew they were responsible for the chapter being taught.

About half the class stayed.  We had a wonderful lesson.  The students were attentive, asked questions and worked hard.  Several stopped by on their way out and thanked me for teaching them.  These are the kids that belong in college.  They will succeed.  They make teaching fun.


Anonymous said...

If you want them to stay, why don't you take attendance at the end of the class?

Pissed Off said...

These are college students. It is their problem if they leave, not mine. I teach. If they want to text or walk out I don't care. It is not my job to enforce anything. My job is to teach the material as clearly and as interestingly as possible and I have been told I do that well. Attendance doesn't matter to them as they watch their names crossed out and leave anyway.