Monday, July 14, 2014

When Personal Grudges Are Most Important

When an art teacher is hired to teach reading when a reading teacher is ready, willing and able to take the position something is wrong.

Personal feelings are getting in the way of educating students.  It is more important to the administration to punish the teacher by not hiring her than to get the right person to teach the class.

So much for Principals and Assistant Principals caring for those students whose welfare they are in charge of.


Anonymous said...

I am an ESL teacher. In the past year, I was asked to assist my students in learning Math. I flatly refused. Then I was told to accompany them to Science class. The last time I took a Science class was four credits of Biology in 1974. Frankly, I know very little about Science. I have carefully honed skills in teaching ESL. What is the point of forcing me to teach to my weaknesses rather than my strengths? It did not end well.

Anonymous said...

When ESL and Special Education courses are held in one weekend and certification is granted based on these 12 minimal credits….well enough said! It takes experience and many years of it to understand and teach these students; NOT A WEEKEND COURSE! A weekend does not teach what belongs inside your heart.

burntoutteacher said...

The straw for me, what finally made me put in my papers, was coming in one day and finding that my schedule had been changed (yet again) to include 3 social studies classes (I am an English teacher), and one "created" class with no curriculum that I later found out was formed because the gym classes were overcrowded and out of compliance. They took the kids out of the gym classes alphabetically, with no regard for grade, and placed them in a class meeting the same time as phys ed and gave the class to me. Imagine 34 students, ninth to twelfth grade, most who didn't need an additional English credit, being put into a class they didn't want or need while they DID need a phys ed credit. They were angry and non-compliant. Who could blame them? So I was only teaching a single class in license.
At the same time, a brand new TFA newbie was given a full English program, the program I should have had.
Programs are being given to harass, punish, reward, intimidate. Nothing has to do with what is best for the students.

Anonymous said...

Thanks burntoutteacher. I think everything is just happening to me. I wasn't thinking of it as a technique.