Wednesday, July 02, 2014

I Live and Will Die In Queens

I am a New Yorker and love everything the city has to offer.  It is the city I was born in and the city I hope to live in until I die.  I always thought I wanted to live in Manhattan, to be in the heart of things.  As I get older, my desires and wants have changed.  I realize I will never be able to afford a three bedroom, two bathroom co-op in the heart of the city and at this stage of my life nothing less will suffice.  I love my husband but want to be able to have space between us and I certainly do not want to wait my turn to use the bathroom.  I don't want to shlep laundry to the basement and I certainly don't want to have to take a bus to get to the subway living in Manhattan.

This New Yorker has decided to spend the rest of her time right where I am now, in my own home in Queens.  I only just realized that living here is like having it all.  The bus on my corner gets me to the subway in a half hour or less and the E or F train gets me to midtown in another 30 or so minutes.  Living in Queens also gives me easy access to the beaches and wonders of Nassau and Suffolk county.  I am 20 minutes from both NY airports which take me almost everywhere in the world non stop although living in Queens I can experience the world without ever leaving my borough.  I can keep my car without selling a kidney to pay for parking.

I know lots of people moving to Manhattan in their retirement years.  I was at first jealous.  They had what I always wanted.  After careful consideration I realize these friends are not doing anything different than what I already do.  I am happy to stay put, exactly where I am today.

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Nicely put. Thanks.