Thursday, July 10, 2014

Hey Mona Davis--Your Kid Could Be In Deep Doodoo Without Tenure

I am no longer teaching so I pose no threat to this child or any child but I state here and everywhere that teacher tenure is a must for students.

Many years ago I sat in on an IEP conference for one of my students.  I wanted the boy to be given a reader, a writer and a calculator for exams.  The psychologist and the AP present did not agree.  The parents wanted what I wanted.  Without fear of reprisal, I was able to firmly state my case, emphasize my long knowledge of the boy and his abilities.  I won but made no friends from those supporting the opposite position.  I also suffered no consequences.

So Ms. Davis, if you get your wish and end teacher tenure I hope your child never needs anyone to stand up for her.  No teacher should have to risk a job to do what is right for a child.

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