Saturday, April 26, 2014

Why Even Bother?

The class was given a major take home assignment over spring break.  They were told it would count as an exam and they should work in groups and get help in the lab if necessary. They were also told not to bother handing it in if they did not do a good job on it as it would count as an extra grade, a grade that should help, not hurt their average.

Student One left out 5 out of 15 problems and wanted to hand it in anyway.  When I told her the most she could score was 75 she picked up the paper and walked away in a huff.

Student Two handed in the paper and then tried to take it back so he could fill in more answers. When I told him if he took it back he couldn't resubmit, he took it back anyway.  He did not want a failing grade.

Student Three didn't bother doing it. He said it was too hard.  He then asked me if he should drop the class.  Although he is passing at the moment, I told him he should drop as the take home assignment was also a review for the final.  If he couldn't do it at home, he had no shot of doing it on final day.

I haven't looked at the papers yet and I am guessing I still have other missing papers.

This week I covered a class for a colleague.  Only a handful of students showed up, good conscientious students.  I told them I was impressed.  They told me the "do nothings" didn't bother showing up since their teacher would not be present. They told me he had a lot of patience.

I just don't understand today's college students.  They have every opportunity to get help and improve grades and do nothing about it. They want to pass but are unwilling to put forth any effort to do so.


Ricochet said...

My seniors are in a staring contest with me to see who blinks first. Half are failing. They have 2 assignments which will help their grade and help them get ready for their final. And they won't do them. Damn, I hate calling parents.

Pissed Off said...

In college, we don't call parents. Luckily we are also not held accountable for these kids who choose to do nothing. The college hires teachers who they know are doing a job and want us to fail kids who don't perform.

Anonymous said...

When I entered community college back in the 70s it was as a non-matriculated student. I had to prove my worth. I went to evening classes and when I passed I was quickly matriculated and decided to go full time during the day. Standards are important, and if the willingness doesn't exist, then out they go!!