Thursday, April 17, 2014

A Woman Of Valor

Six months ago my closest friend, the friend I call sister, was diagnosed with lung cancer.  Instead of getting into bed and crying she attacked the disease with all her might.  Thinking the chemo would cause her hair to fall out, she found a place that makes wigs for children, cut off her beautiful locks and sent them away.  She spent 6 weeks getting radiation and chemo treatments and her cute short hair grew longer.

Unfortunately the treatment did not work but she did not give up.  She found a new doctor and is bravely going under new treatment and starting to feel good.  Now, as she slowly looses her hair, she smiles as she dons a wig or a cap to keep her head warm.

Today I shaved the remaining hair off her head so she can adjust the wig to make it fit better.  She smiled as we checked the mirror for missed hairs and joked about the money she could now save on shampoo.  She even calls herself Kojak now.

My friend is a wonderful person.  I pray every day for her recovery and pray for the strength of face obstacles with the strength and courage she is facing hers.

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