Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Truth Trips Up Administrator

The AP was caught red handed after she manipulated regents grades to improve her schools statistics.  The teachers she expected to come to her defense not only refused to help, they gave evidence to her prosecutors.  It was finally time, after years of abuse, to even the score and all they had to do was tell the truth.

Initially the AP got a slap on the hand and was moved to a better school, typical administrative punishment.  Unfortunately for her the new school didn't work out and she was once again moved, this time to a lower position in a school slated for closure.  Things didn't work out there either and the AP is back in the classroom, going from school to school and taking crap from the people she once considered colleagues, taking crap from the people she used to dish it out too.

So, if you have an AP who has done this, that AP might be under investigation soon too.  You might even get to tell your story and watch the AP fall to the heap s/he belongs in.  And all you will have to do is tell the truth.


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Maybe the Universe does get even :)

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Was the administrator the ultimately incompetant, nasty, Grace Swillenberg of John Adams?