Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Dogs Are Organizing

The little Chihuahua knew her staff was unhappy. They resented her constant yapping. They knew the louder she barked, the more insecure she was feeling.  Even the newest pup on the staff knew more about the job than she did and she was threatened by her inability to do her job well. Making noise and bugging her eyes were the only things she did well.

Anyway, little Chihuahua got wind of the many of the secret meetings the dogs were holding.  She feared, as she should, they were plotting to get rid of her.  They had the evidence and just needed a way to present it effectively. She knew she had to do something to protect her lucrative position.

Currrently Little Chihuahua is searching for a way to stop these meetings.  At the very least, she is looking for a little pup to infiltrate for her and give her inside information on all that is going on in them.

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