Wednesday, January 22, 2014

So Schools Are Open

Parents can keep kids home,  teachers can use sick days.

Everyone should think of themselves and do what feels right.

Kids don't need perfect attendance and this is a perfect use for one of those 10 sick days.

I used to love going in on days like today.  Public transportation got me there in less than 30 minutes and I enjoyed spending time with the few kids who braved the weather to get in.  But, at the same time, I resented the admins who made a big deal about those of us who showed up.  We did what felt right for us.  No judgements of any kind needed.  I remember hating the Principal who smugly stood outside greeting those souls who made it in.


Anonymous said...

I disagree. People like to feel appreciated, and if it's genuine, how can that be a bad thing? Of course, if it's not genuine, then it's as bad as any other stupid thing an administrator might do.

Anonymous said...

It was a bad judgment call on their part. Only 47% of the students showed up today which is not good.

I think they could have re evaluated things a bit differently, especially with a foot of snow in the southern areas of NYC (Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island). Plus, there were tons of staff who have to travel to get there.

Anonymous said...

I smugly hated the administration that 'rewarded' you for coming in by forcing you to take coverages for our colleagues who do NOT brave the elements.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure I understand the 1:05 PM comment. What were YOU smug about?

And not to defend the administrators, but what else could they do under the ridiculous circumstances of the DOE opening the schools? My school had over 100 staff out; there was no possibility of 100 subs, so there either had to be coverages or combined classes. I truly don't think the administration feels good about the coverages or combined classes (at least not at my school), but once the kids are there, they have to be somewhere. Otherwise, they hang out in the halls, making noise and trouble. I agree that it seems like a punishment, but what would be your alternative solution, given the idiocy of the DOE's decision to keep the schools open?

Anonymous said...

I think what 1:05 was trying to say is that for many it becomes a punishment because you now have students from different grade levels in your class and with it come their discipline problems. It makes the time go excruciating slowly.

As for taking the bus, the bus by me is never on time on cold and snowy days and the waiting in the cold can really rip into your skin no matter how warmly you think you are dressed.