Wednesday, August 28, 2013

ATR and the Know Nothing Administrator


The 20 year veteran teacher, who is now an ATR goes on interview after interview.  He is an ATR because the elite program he worked in has been eliminated.  His first two years as an ATR were spent at the school that wrote the recommendations for the elite program.  Instead if bringing him back, the school hired several newbies, straight from college.

The ATR has worked in many schools, has done everything asked of him, but he can't get a permanent position.  Recently he got a call from the school that gave him the rave reviews.  He was interviewed by a 30 something AP, supervising a subject she knows nothing about, for a position in a subject she knows nothing about.  Needless to say, the ATR did not get the position.

It is sad to see how low education has sunk since I began teaching.  Experience and quality are a threat to these incompetent, know nothing administrators.  They can't help new teachers and they won't hire those who can.  Heaven help the students in their schools.


Anonymous said...

Like yourself I became an atr this past june(for the 1st time) through no fault of my own. I have practly 20 years of classroom experience. My question is can an atr be forced into a position at a school that they do not want to work at(documented bully principal) if they have a vacancy?

Pissedoffteacher said...

I am not an ATR, I am retired. I write for those stuck in you position.

Anonymous said...

ok thanks, i was hoping that you would know, its a brave new world out there!

Anonymous said...

I know many ATR's-they are ALL wonderful teachers. Like you, through no fault of their own, they were FORCED to become an ATR!

Call your union rep.