Thursday, July 25, 2013

Special Education Audit Needed

How about an audit of a special education department to find out:

1.  How failing grades on Friday miraculously become passing grades on Monday.
2.  How students with 70 IQs manage to get regents diplomas
3.  What really goes on behind closed doors while regents exams are being proctored.
4.  To determine how a student who can't seem to handle 5 classes suddenly manages to pass all of them plus 5 credit recovery classes all at the same time.
5.  How those online assignments actually get completed.
6.  How AYP is mysteriously met after not being met for so many years.
7.  Why a person with little teaching experience and no special education experience is in charge.

Now, I am not saying any of this actually happened, but if it did, wouldn't an audit be in order?


Anonymous said...

Hi Pissed Off!

I work in a large urban district and I have seen children who could not tie their shoes laces pass standardized tests with flying colors. I understand your frustration.

burntoutteacher said...

OMG, you could be describing my last school. We reported the school to both the UFT Spec Ed division and to the OSI. The UFT people made it very difficult; they insisted they could do nothing unless we sent them copies of IEP's and other information that many of us had to access to. It was as if the UFT was stonewalling us. (Why am I not surprised.) OSI spent at least a year investigating but I retired and have no idea what the outcome was. We had only one teacher with a special ed license teaching and two or three teachers without any special ed experience teaching both self-contained and team-taught classes.

I noticed that... said...

I'm teaching summer school in a school in the inwood area of Queens. I can't tell you how very disturbing and upsetting it is to have students constantly absent for classes and the AP telling me that those students are not in "credit recovery" classes but in a "targeted" intensive instruction course. The students walk the hallway almost the entire period and go to their classes after 30-40 minutes of meandering the hallway.

One student in my class cannot do the math at all. He told me that he needs three credits this summer. I asked him how since he's in session 1 with me and session 2 in another subject. He told me that the AP told him to complete take-home math packets and bring them in and the school will grant him a credit. I asked him were you able to do the work or did someone do the packets for you? He gave me a sly smile and I walked away knowing the answer.

I tell you that the cheating and grade inflation has not stopped. The only way a school stops the cheating and grade inflation is if someone reports it. Otherwise, it's the same stinking status quo when a principal doesn't want her school to close. F**k the education of the students; her salary is much more important.