Sunday, July 21, 2013

1993--When A High School Diploma Meant Something

I ran into Mary Lou at the doctor's office last week.  While I didn't recognize her, she knew me immediately and when she told me her name, I remembered her well.  I remembered the class she was in and the boy she was dating at the time.

My 1993 standards, Mary Lou was just an okay student.  She did well enough in most subjects, but math was a big struggle.  She successfully completed three years of math and I remember well the thrill we both felt when she passed the trig regents on her first try.  (She wasn't so lucky with the first two.)

Anyway, the reason I am bringing this up is that in 1993 kids were allowed to fail and repeat courses.  Because of this, Mary Lou was prepared to succeed as a student at Queens College and graduate in 4 years with a double major in business and psychology.

Mary Lou decided she really didn't like the business world and went back to school to become a sonogram technician.  She has a very good paying, secure job and loves what she does today.  I am proud of the fact that she remembered me and credited me with helping her become the success she is today.  I know that today's graduates won't have the experiences she had and will not be as successful as Mary Lou.

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