Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Government Spending

I am a firm believer in recycling.  And, that is why I was so happy when I opened an envelop from the city this morning with lots and lots of stuff for my recycle can.  There was a cover letter, a piece of cardboard  and two awesome stickers to place on my recycle cans so I can easily see which can is for paper and which is for metal and plastic.  Anything that can be torn goes in the paper can but I am not so sure what to do with the left over part of the stickers since they don't tear easily.

In addition to this recycling material, the city really supported the US post office with this mailing.

Maybe the city is short on money for schools and libraries, but I'm glad it is filling the pockets of the government friend who owns the company responsible for printing and distributing this stuff.

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Ms. Tsouris said...

We received the same crooked-contract-money-under-the-table-generated recycling information packet last week. I stuck the blue one on a bin I keep near the kitchen for information purposes..... The green one about paper, well, it got recycled along with the rest of the packet on my paper recycling pile. Paper is a no brainer and didn't need a 2nd expensive sticker. The entire packet belongs "where the sun don't shine". The Bloomberg administration has to be one of the most crooked and corrupt in history. Beats Tweed by light years!!!