Tuesday, June 04, 2013

From Today's Daily News-More On Evaluations

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Bellerose Manor: As a retired teacher, I have nothing to gain or lose from this new evaluation system. But our students have plenty to lose. This system does nothing to help teachers hone their craft — but it does plenty to get rid of many fine ones. If the state really cares about quality, it needs to go back to the days when administrators were master teachers. Their observations and their evaluations meant something and taught my generation to become master teachers. Today’s administrators have barely been in the classroom. Linda Silverman

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Anonymous said...

They obviously want an assembly line Ed. System , which uses and purchases all of its content from the likes of Pearson Pub, Rupert Murdochs Ed. Corp, etc....all "taught" by low paid , revolving labor...the Walmart of education. As much as possible will be automated distance learning.

Many good teachers will get Ineffectives starting next year, just on the test data component alone. Also, the pressure and work load factor has been ratcheted up to the boiling level with this new assessment for all concerned-antithetical to a good educational environment. This is assembly line all the way, busting the current system out to as much automation as possible in the near future.