Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I'm The Boss So My Lateness and Unpreparedness Does Not Count


It is the last day of classes.  All teachers are told to report to their departments at 12:00 sharp for a department meeting.  It is hot, everyone wants to go home, but they all do what they must and show up on time.  At 12:10, the AP is still not around.  At 12:12 he shows up but runs into his office to run off the attendance sheet he needs for the meeting.  Ten minutes later he walks into the room.  The meeting begins 22 minutes late.  Truthfully, no one inside cares.  They won't understand his incoherent ramblings and are just counting the seconds until they can leave.

The AP is allowed to be late and unprepared.  Heaven help any teacher who does the same.  I'll never forget the verbal abuse that fell on someone who dared to arrive at a meeting late.

Standing outside the room, waiting for the meeting to start, several teachers complained about the fire being missing from the meetings.  Everyone is afraid.  No one will offer an opinion different from the APs.  They don't want to risk their jobs.  They don't want to be on te AP's hit list.

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Magnolia Girl said...

He needs to be taken down a few steps on his pedestal..

My old principal actually told my colleague (and friend) to her face, "You may not bring in an air conditioner from home. I only brought my air conditioner from home because I am the principal and I can do whatever I want".