Monday, April 22, 2013

Getting Through H.S.--the NY Way

One of my good buddies wrote that her school wants to do away with all repeater classes.  She wondered what other schools did in that situation.  I told her of an easy fix many NYC schools do--they pass everyone!  This way, there is no need for these classes.

Kids don't need knowledge to pass anymore. All they have to do is answer a few questions online.  They don't even have to answer them all or pass the assignment.  One administrator told her teachers to stop pushing the kids to finish assignments because once they did half, they would get credit.  I've even watched an administrator doing entire assignments for one student at a time on the smart board.  The whole class participated in this child's credit recovery.  Or, they can "attend" after school classes.  I put attend in quotes because too many excuses are made for absences, kids get big breaks, to smoke outside,  to eat, and get rewarded with trips for breathing.

Schools don't want repeaters because repeaters aren't earning the credits they need to graduate.  It is an education system that educates no one.  No one cares as long as the stats are good.  Administrators will keep getting their accolades and their bonuses and that is all that matters.

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