Friday, April 20, 2012

Dummying Down Of America

So now the state is talking about doing away with the Global History Regents because too many kids can't pass it.  Wow!  In one breath they are talking about making graduation requirements more stringent and the next they are talking about trying to make them easier.

Even Packemin, one of the best schools in the city has problems getting kids to pass this regents.  Could it be that the kids have trouble reading?  Is too much material covered in the two year span of the course?  Whatever the reason, history is important as anything else the kids study in school.  A person who succeeds in any field, be it science or engineering or art needs to have a well rounded education.  Engineering programs require students to take social science and liberal arts courses as well as math, technology and science. 

Too many students are coming into college unprepared for the rigor their course work will present.  They are too used to getting an easy out--a couple of online questions or a Golden Book report.  They are used to being able to substitute an arithmetic course for one in trigonometry.  Aside from hurting education, the wrong message is being sent if a math regents is allowed to replace one in history.

All the state really cares about is graduation rates.  Education doesn't matter.  Kids and their futures count for nothing.

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Sweet Girl Tracie said...

From my perspective, I don't think the state is looking too good at all.

After this week's ELA test for grades 3-8, it caused quite a stir amongst principals, teachers, parents and students. I hope more people, (other than me, since I am a teacher and I follow these headlines) will become more aware of the lack of skills that children really are getting no-thanks to RTTT federal money as well as NYSED's ridiculous and inane education regulations.