Thursday, May 05, 2011

Maybe I'll Try This

I love trucks and I love the beach.  Maybe my next career can be driving one on the beach, unless they are like the DOE and only hire the young.


Anonymous said...

You may be applying for the job along side the young ones. Principals are already telling which teachers are getting tenure, being denied or extended. I have been privately contacted on some of these situations. There will be A LOT more tenure denials this year as opposed to others.

(This is people's lives they are dealing with. The DOE bureaucrats have absolute no conscience.)

Anonymous said...

After a year in retirement from teaching, and looking for a job in the non-profit sector, I will tell you that most jobs are going to the very young-30 and under. Even though I have the skills for the jobs to which I have applied, and I have shown how my skills would apply to the said job, I have only gotten one interview, and then I was told I would be bored. After 21 years in an inner city high school, boredom is fine with me.

Anonymous said...

On a postive note, if they are like the DOE, you would be a shoe in for a supervisory position. No experience driving the trucks but magically qualified.