Wednesday, May 18, 2011

AP Test Tomorrow

My kids are taking the AP test tomorrow.  I'm hoping for a good test but no matter what the results show, I am proud of them for the work they did this term.  They got shortchanged with class time this year (thanks Mr. Education Mayor) and one of my students pointed out that they would have been better off in the BC class where they would have had twice the class time but would have been responsible for only about a third more material.  Oh well, who knew how the year would turn out.

I know some of the kids didn't work as hard as they could have.  Senioritis is a debilitating disease.  Still, I know they are bright and will go on to do great things in their lives.  I am happy I got to be with them this year.  They are the shining light in this bleak year of teaching.

(Pictures above the the lucky charm one of my students brought home for the class from her trip to Ireland.)

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