Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Smart Young Guy

Taken from The Politricks.

Presidential Idol

For years Americans have complained about the presidential election process and election after election Americans sit at home instead of going to the polls to cast their vote for a candidate who will ignore their campaign promises and help out their wealthy friends.

Americans in states with late primaries complain that by the time they get a chance to vote for the party representative of their choice there are no choices left. Other times political parties decide that a state won’t get any delegates at the party’s national convention because they didn’t have there vote on the day they were told to. In the national election many people in smaller states feel like their vote is pointless because of the few electoral votes their state is worth. There are also many people in non-swing states who feel that their vote and voice cannot possibly sway the masses. These factors plus the laziness of people not to want to drive to wherever they are assigned to vote wait on line and pull a few levers has lead to a large portion of the country not participating in the democratic process.

In this modern age there is no longer a need for this archaic process. I recommend we go to a system that has proven to work and allow Americans to select their top musical candidates for the past six years. If the American Idol process can work for soon to be pop legends such as Kelly Clarkson, Ruben Studdard, Fantasia Barrino, Carrie Underwood, Taylor Hicks, and Jordin Sparks why not for our next great president. If nothing else it would be great entertainment listening to Simon Cowell call Hillary Clinton’s health care policy rubbish, Randy Jackson telling John McCain he is his “Dawg”, and watching Paula Abdul swoon over Barack Obama’s good looks.

This new system would allow us to text message our votes in after each episode.
without ever getting off the couch. I feel this might be the only way to get this attention span deficient nation to care about politics. One hour episodes one day a week with a second elimination episode is about all we seem to be able to handle, anything more seems like to much effort.

Although by now I am sure you can all detect my sarcasm in this post I am still disgusted to write it. How is it that more people take the time to vote on who has a better singing voice then who will lead the free world? Last time I checked there was no Iranian Idol or Cuban Idol. These shows can only exist in a free society, something that many of us chose to ignore!

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