Monday, February 11, 2008

E-Mail From A Student

Email from a student:

Hi Ms POd, has Jill seen you lately? For Chinese New Year, my family
went to toronto so I have been absent. I just got back from toronto. I
will be back with an absence note and my parents should call you later when they
have time. Because my mom was off from work for a while, so she has to
catch up on the work she missed and so do I. May you please prepare the
worksheets I missed? And can I take the math test again?

My answer:

I spoke to your mom this afternoon.

See you tomorrow.

Student Response:

Yes. I know she called me at 2:16. But yeah, I didn't go to toronto. I apologize for not going to class, but I got a new history teacher and I needed to catch up on the work so I had to go find help on the homeworks and I also needed to go talk to Mr. Bill regarding receiving my honors credit so I waited for him in front of his office. After the thursday that i didnt go to school because of chinese new year, my 2 AP classes had homeworks and essays that were stacking so i had to go finish it, thus i couldnt make it to 9th. Im sorry for the inconvenience and I will get all the work done and finished as soon as possible. I didnt tell my mom as I knew she wouldnt want me have trouble with my classes and fuss over it, but I was going to tell her today or something about math so she could write me an absence note. If you want to have a talk with me or something, let me know and I could come see you period 4,5,or 7 thanks

My answer:

I want you to stop cutting--NO EXCUSES and no more lies.

No make up on this test. Better not miss any more!

And again she tries:

alright, but you don't want me to come see you or anythng right?

And again I answer:

Nothing to say--you've said it all

Once again:

ok so can i get the worksheets and hws so i can come back to class prepared?

I give up. She cuts, She lies. Now she wants me to give up my lunch to help her. Yesterday I saw No Country for Old Men. There should be a spinoff--No Teaching for Old Pissed Off Teachers.


JUSTICE not "just us" said...

A very wise Asian lady once said to me that in this society students want to bargain for a grade and in hers they EARN their grade!

Grades are now meaningless as are many diplomas. Why should we as teachers be avaliable 24-7 to our students? I am going through hell in my school with the harassment being heaped on me. I am calm, kool and collected. I AM AN ADULT. I CAN CUT IT! Who listens to me?
Who tells me everything will be come out well in the end? NO ONE AND I DON'T EXPECT ANY ONE TO.

This is a hard ball world and getting harder and these kids want to goof off and think their charm and wit will get them over. Time to remind this student and students that you are nice and compassionate because that's your nature but many in this world are not and it is time to grow up!

17 (really 15) more years said...

If they would only spend the time they use trying to get over on studying, all the kids would be geniuses!

KGMom said...

Oh I am smiling--I teach at a community college and have heard similar excuses. I need to sort out the for-real excuses from the lies.
When papers are due, the excuses fly fast & furious.

NYC Educator said...

Unfortunately, part of teaching is letting kids know there are consequences for their actions. I wouldn't knock myself out for this kid either.