Thursday, August 27, 2015

Mr. Robinson

I just watched the season finally of a pretty awful show, Mr.Robinson, a bad show that I was somewhat fascinated by.  Mr Robinson is a musician who became a middle school teacher because he needed the money.

The characters on the show are pretty stupid and on the surface do not portray a very positive image of teachers.  But I realized today why I kept watching.  This immature, insane group of teachers and administrators love their students and care more about their success than anything.  In the last episode Mr. Robinson gives up a chance to tour with Earth, Wind and Fire because his kids needed him.

It was nice to see teachers and administrators working together and working over time with the only important thing being the welfare of the children in their charge.


Anonymous said...

I saw the ads for the show and wondered about how good or bad it would be. I'm not inclined to watch teacher shows as they always portray the school world in a totally unrealistic way.

Rita Cat said...

Some of the teachers were buffoons but they all had big hearts and loved their students and that is what made show worth watching.