Saturday, June 06, 2015

They're Rich-They Don't Need No Standardized Tests

Friday afternoon and all is quiet.  The students have all packed up and left to begin their summer vacation.  It is only June 5 but goodbyes have been said.  The teachers spent the afternoon packing things away and getting the school ready for the lucky lottery winners who will get to spend a few days in this lap of luxury.

My friend has a job in the building and was thrilled to show me around.  The school goes from pre-school through high school and has class sizes in the upper grades of no more than 20.  Tuition is $50,000 a child plus $5000 a year for the bus, lunch included.

I asked her about regents exams.  She told me the students did not take them.  I didn't ask her about Common Core but, from the look of things I don't suppose that is followed to carefully either.  

It must be nice to be so rich the system assumes you are smart enough and know enough and don't have to deal with those awful exams.


Anonymous said...

I don't know of any private school that is required to give those standardized tests. Although teacher salaries are not as high as public schools, I know of teachers who moved to local private schools because they are allowed to teach as they want and not have to worry about test scores.

lgm said...

It would be nice if public schooled students could test out at the beginning of the year, and use the rest of the year for learning instead of review and reteach for the benefit of the uninterested.