Monday, June 01, 2015

Slamming Door and Not Looking Back

The 35 year veteran teacher, 57 years old is walking out the door.  He has been called ineffective one too many times by his "teenage" inexperienced supervisor.  The supervisor, certified in the subject with weekend courses, credits earned with borrowed papers.   Echoes of her bragging about never buying a book still ring in every one's ears.  The supervisor who even got into education through a back door after failing in the business world and failing the licensing exam before being tutored by a teacher the supervisor now holds in disdain.

Let's face it, every teacher has their faults, even this one.  But, this teacher has what the supervisor lacks-experience and heart.  The teacher understands what the students need and works tirelessly to help them be the best they can be.  The teacher doesn't believe in coaching during exams or in doing credit recovery assignments for the students.  The teacher knows the regulations and tries to make sure they are enforced.  The teacher is everything the supervisor does not want in a teacher.

The teacher is walking out the door at the end of June, never to return to the school again.  There will be no party or farewell lunch.  The teacher has had it


Anonymous said...

This story sounds like one of many I have heard this week alone. We have a teacher in our department who is leaving after 25+ years. She said that she will never step foot into another classroom again as she has been called ineffective too many times for the past two years. The ironic part is that she has always maintained the best relationship with the students because she cares and she always had the best passing rate.

Hinchey said...

This seems to be the way throughout the western world ! I fear for the future of the planet !