Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Passive Resistance

A former Principal wanted us all to dress like it was 1950.  He spent the good part of a faculty conference telling us not to wear thongs, what today is called flip flops.  I remember watching some young teachers cringe as he talked about thongs as their definition was different from his.

Anyway, Mr. Former Principal and I did not see eye to eye on anything.  I spent the warm months in my flip flops, even bought the above pair in his honor

Things were different then.  Now I think I would be "toeing" the line in more conservative shoes.


Anonymous said...

I remember being told by another one of those principals not to wear my beloved climbing boots when it snowed. Those were the days. Now my most recent principal wore a turquoise sequin top for the quality review. And she cannot articulate in English or write a paragraph. Things have changed in the land of the plutocrats.

Mike said...

My former principal was a rather large woman who wore the shortest, of short dresses. She was the laughingstock and target of criticism from the students who wondered why she could wear dresses that didn't come to the length of her fingers, yet they could not.

She also, at the beginning of last year, had a dress code meeting, brought in the HR director for the district, and mandated we did not wear jeans because jeans were not spelled out in our contract. Now, our staff by and large dressed very nicely - even the men wore khaki pants and button-down shirts, but she would write guys up if they weren't slacks and tie. There were several female teachers who wore those tie die wavy/flowy dresses that didn't reveal a lot of skin as they were nearly floor length, but she wrote them up saying they were see through.

I am of the opinion as long as teachers are business casual or better, I don't have a problem. I don't have a problem with flip flops/thongs.

Now - I transferred to a new school in April and have never seen teachers dress so casual - they do put our profession to shame. There is one teacher who wears wifebeater (undershirts) and blue jean shorts daily. His belly also hangs out below. There is one teacher who wears jeans and a t-shirt, and sags his pants so you can see his boxers.

Mike said...

Might I add, with my former principal, I of course had to test the waters and rebel against the new rules she put in.

Prior, I wore slacks and a button-down shirt/tie. Since her policy I would wear jeans and a button-down shirt, and occasionally a tie. She did try to write me up for the jeans and I was right there with the union rep. No skin showed, and I dressed better than most of the staff.

Tamar Flower said...

While I have seen many open toe dressed up sandals, pumps and wedges which some can be worn in professional settings, I personally think and I choose not to wear beach/pool flip flop sandals. I just wont do it. Keep in mind, thatI also worked in a pre-k classroom where I was constantly moving and sometimes jumping with the kids. I also had to lay cots down on the floor for rest time (every now and then, one of the legs jabbed my feet). Closed toe flats were my thing. when I work with older kids, I wear open toe shoes as long as I have a large part of my feet covered.

I guess this is my conservative side in me.

Anonymous said...

I wear what I want and if they don’t like it I will sue for discrimination. Every female 20+ year vet I have met who wore heals (low or high) has had foot surgery because of the damage caused by years of standing.