Sunday, July 15, 2012

Purple Princess

I haven't been to a Sweet 16 party since I was 16.  Back then, they were home parties or at a local neighborhood deli.  One friend had a party in a fancy Chinese place on Broadway, but she was the exception.

A friend invited us to his daughter's party and we went, mostly because we adore the young lady and are very fond of her parents but also out of curiosity, wondering what a party like this could possibly be like.

The birthday girl was amazing.  She choreographed the entrance of her entourage and it was beautiful.  Each teen perfected his or her individual steps and couples moved as one.  We could have been watching Dancing with the Stars as these talented dancers made their way into the room.

After the entrance, the birthday girl sat upon a throne and a handsome young man brought in a pair of silver shoes on a pillow.  Her mother placed a crown on her head while her father removed her sandals and replaced them with these Cinderella slippers.  Her dress, custom made in Columbia, had hundreds of pieces of silk that danced with her as she dance.  After the grand entrance, she changed into an equally beautiful dress, more comfortable to party hardy in.

The hall was beautiful, the food and music good, but the one thing that made this party so special was the birthday girl.  This personable young woman greeted and spent time with every guest and took time away from her friends to dance with every one of them. 

I got to know this girl, tutoring her from the algebra res.  I did this as a favor for her dad.  Next year I hope to help her through trig, not for her dad, but for the chance to spend time with her.

Another friend asked what was such a big deal about turning 16 that made a big party necessary.  For this girl it was a celebration of her becoming a responsible, mature young adult.  I thank her and her family for letting me be part of her day.  It is an event I will remember fondly forever.

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