Wednesday, July 18, 2012

56 and Growing

The summer school math class that had 52 kids now has a roster of 56, with 48 showing up.  The AP in charge thought nothing of adding a few more kids to the group.  I kind of see her point.  Once the class hit 40 it would be hard to teach anyway, so what is a kid or 16 more.

These are the neediest kids in the building, kids that have attention problems and no ability to sit quietly and learn.  They need lots of individual help and they need to be in an environment that will encourage learning, not an environment full of distractions.

The teacher will be told to differentiate.  She will be told to call homes.  She will be held accountable for their failure.  She is in a no win situation.  I wish she didn't need the job and could walk away.  I am going to buy a lotto ticket and, if I win, I am writing her a check for the balance of her summer school money on the condition she leaves.  No one should work under these conditions.  No kids should be expected to attend classes like this.

Hey Mr. Education Mayor, if you can't see anything wrong with this scenario you need mental help!


Ricochet said...

I truly believe that those in charge of education are trying (and succeeding) to create an uneducated underclass.

Hope you have a blast in Lisbon. I look forward to seeing the pictures!

Anonymous said...

Where is the like button on blogger when you need one?