Friday, January 12, 2007

DSL Teacher

I found a cocker spaniel that I really like in the library period 6 today. He tried to tell me that this was his lunch period, but I knew better. I've been trying to get an Arista Cat to buddy up with him, and try to help him pass some of his subjects, so I know his program and know he should be in a class period 6. When pushed, he admitted that he had DSL (Dog as a Second Language) that period. He told me, his teacher, Mrs. Bow Wow didn't speak Dog, and he couldn't understand her. Not being a big believer of a dog that cuts, I went to the DSL department and asked one of the teachers I knew if there actually was a Mrs. Bow Wow in the department. I was told "yes." I was then told that Mrs. Bow Wow speaks Dog with a very thick German Shepherd accent and her grammar is not very good, as she learned it from a French Poodle.

I think this dog might have better luck learning Moo from Mrs. Cow or Quack from Mr. Duck. Maybe I am old fashioned, but I think a person that teaches Dog should be able to speak Dog well.


NYC Educator said...

Wow. Actually Verizon is perpetually trying to sell me DSL. But now that I finally know what it is, I think I'm gonna stick with what I got.

Pissed Off said...

good idea