Wednesday, December 13, 2017

She Restored My Faith

A conversation with a fairly young teacher restored my faith in some of those still in the education field.  This woman, a mother of two young children spoke to me from her heart about how she connected to her students as she corrected their long, often illiterate essays.  The marking, though long and laborious was part of the job she said, not with anger or resentment but with pride.  Her eyes told how much she cared about helping these children and how much she wanted them to improve and succeed.

Here was clearly a woman teaching out of love for the students in her care.


Anonymous said...

Teachers are not allowed to love teaching anymore-they have to love Danielson instead. You cannot be concerned about a student rather they are all numbers in your classroom where you have to keep going on teacing the curriculum. Its a horrible job-one that I would not want any of my children to go into,

Rita Cat said...

So true