Friday, July 07, 2017


This is so true.  Adjuncts make a great hourly salary.  It is a fantastic way to supplement a paycheck  or a pension but it is a crappy way to have to survive.  I have worked with adjuncts who go from school to school and teach 8 classes.  And, while many adjuncts are better teachers than their full time colleagues, they do their students a major disservice as they are not around for office hours and extra help.

I love being an adjunct but being an adjunct is not a career.

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burntoutteacher said...

Back in the late 70's, I adjuncted for CUNY for 5 years, summers and intersessions included. I loved the job and the subject matter and even helped design the textbook for the remedial course, one of several that I was teaching.(My name was in the textbook for years after I left.) The dept chair loved me and kept adding classes to the point that they had to petition the powers that be to allow me to carry a full load. And then a full load plus more. No benefits and still just an hourly pay. I was expected to keep office hours and worked my tail off, with the promise that the minute a full-time, tenure-track position opened, it was mine. You can see where this is going. I loved teaching there, and it was with such heartache that I left in 1981 when a new chair came in, hired someone else for the now-open assistant prof position without even interviewing me, and my course load was suddenly reduced to almost nothing. I had no rights. No union to go to. No recourse.