Monday, May 08, 2017

Sorry State of Advanced Placement

How does a school keep its high rating?  Easy.  Designate every senior English class as an AP class.

The school looks good because of all the students taking college level classes.  It costs the school nothing because all students must take English anyway.  The administration does not care how the grades come out as the school is judged only by the number enrolled, not the number passing the advanced placement exam.

Struggling students are not being prepared for what they will need in college.  Parents are being bamboozled and the ones that belong are getting a watered down education.


Anonymous said...

Another problem is the PE teachers taking on AP English and AP Biology as a sixth period just to make more money and the principals go along with this. The real English and science teachers are too busy with their own 25 periods to take on more periods. How do schools and the DOE get away with this?

Anonymous said...

They had the AP test yesterday, more than half put their heads down in the middle of it and gave up.