Friday, September 16, 2016

The Principal Who Puts Her/his Personal Agenda First

It is hard to fathom what is going on in the mind of this Principal.  I can't believe any Principal, entrusted with the education of thousands of students can make such a lame, self serving decision, but s/he did.  I find it hard to believe s/he can justify this, even to her/himself.

The department I am referring to needs a new Assistant Principal.  There are experienced, competent teachers in the school who hold the appropriate license and want the job.  Instead, a person with zero days in the classroom, zero days as a supervisor and zero experience in this subject has been put in charge.  This person is not familiar with rules and regulations and will be able to offer no guidance to the teachers being supervised.  Yet, this person will be making all the decisions and will be deciding who is effective and who is not.

If this was the plot of a movie or a television show anyone with half a brain would say it was too stupid to be true.  Sadly, it is true.  A pompous ass of a Principal is making a mockery of the system because of a grudge or a favor s/he owes someone.  It  hurts to see so many people being put at risk because one uncaring, unknowing individual is in charge.


Anonymous said...

This is the world right now. There is no such thing as competency, loyalty or knowledge. If you fit into the puzzle, look good there and are breathing you too can be an administrator. It is so so sad that this thinking is in our school system watching over and educating our children.

Anonymous said...

Kinda like this comment from ICEUFT blog...I wonder where that 40000 will come from...Oh wait he can just can 1 vet teacher and have 80000. If this story is true I feel for these teachers at that school.
Anonymous said...
3 ap's and a dean for 400 kids...
New principal decided to do away with parent outreach, spread the time over the week and make hw clubs instead..
Decided to make Mondays 90 minutes and the other day 70 (our choice of day to do a hw club and 10 minutes over the 150) and stated that since we miss so many Mondays that when we do have them off he wants to keep us for 90 minutes the Tuesday after to make it up.
Said in staff meeting he had no qualms about going against the contract if he thought it was in the best interest of the kids.
Shorted our lunch 5 minutes (40 minute lunch).
Is trying to find 40,000 in our budget to start a sister school in a far off country not one student I know wants to attend.
Walks around the room during PD to keep all teachers on task , going as far as telling you to adjust your seat so you can give your full attention to the group you are doing busy work with.
Wants us to write curriculum.
Made homophobic comments to the students during welcoming assembly's where he didn't even introduce himself to the student body he is the brand new principal of...
Wants the whole staff to actively enforce the hat rule ( a waste of time considering the altercations many south bronx kids will start when being coerced into removing it) but only asks the smaller meeker kids to remove them pretending not noticed the big burly upperclassMEN sporting hoodies and do-rags, I wonder why?
Is turning a school that was founded as a music and art school into a charter school drill and kill clone. Actually said he is not big on the Arts.
Has 2 different schedule for upper and lower classmen but has teachers teaching both, programming botched beyond belief with kids not able to take classes they need because they aren't offered.
Electives with many kids who already took the courses because there are no other classes that have seats available.
Giving scheduling priority to super seniors and upper classmen with very few credits over straight A students who have spent their high school career doing the right thing! Some of them have no Math or science and are doubled up in SS and ELA often in classes they have taken.
There is more but as I write and read this it's sounds too unbelievable to be true and I don't want you to think I am a troll.

p.s. If you work here you know it's your school and if not it's one of the new small schools named after a navigator tool on a huge campus right near White Plains rd. in the BX

Anonymous said...

Are we just preaching to the choir? Why don't the tax payers care? or is the corruption just too overwhelming?

Anonymous said...

I heard that Principal just started in September, so wouldn't most of those issues around programing and bell schedules be placed on the previous principal and current AP's?

Rita Cat said...

This Principal has been around for several years. S/he is responsible.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely... they are responsible in fixing it... so if the situation still exists in Jan then it's a problem. But the problems of the first 2 weeks are not his/her doing.