Thursday, July 14, 2016

Message To Administrators

I just saw this on a friend's Facebook page and had to share it here for many of the administrators at Packemin and other schools who read and hate this blog.

This is for all of you!!!  You can't teach and don't know the first thing about your subject area.  You have know idea who is a good teacher and who isn't one.  And, if you did notice a good teacher you would harass that person out of the building because of your fear of being shown for what you really are.

Shame on the Principals who appointed you, and shame on the superintendents who appointed you, poor excuses for a Principal because you know as little as the APs in your cabinet.

I'm gone and have the freedom of saying what others left behind cannot.


mathmaticamama said...

One of the best aspects of my job is that our principal and 2 APs all were math teachers, and have taught math AND sped. I know this is an anomaly, but right now it's pretty damn wonderful.

Rita Cat said...

At Packeminm the Spec Ed AP is a recertificatied math teacher with almost no teaching experience and with zero spec Ed experience before she got the job. Some say she has no heart or soul. I have heard horror stories about social studies AP who also has no real experience and has been harassing those who do out of the building, I heard it took many times for him to pass licensing exam although I don't know this for a fact.

Ms. Tsouris said...

The Sp Ed AP at Packemin had the demeanor and professional attitude of a cat in heat. Students were and no doubt still are treated as commodities, props to give this AP and her ilk bonuses. Very at-risk, borderline kids were asked to take and re take particularly the Algebra regents exam, sometimes 4 and 5 times. That qualifies as abuse. She'd scream at "veteran" teachers in the hallway if they were a second late on a snow day with over 12" on the ground when colleagues didn't show up. A real class act, that one.