Thursday, July 02, 2015

Gleeful Administrators Ruining Schools

Ratings came out and 50% of the school was rated highly effective.  Interesting that no older teacher was rated highly effective.  These are the teachers that kept the school going in Quality Reviews for years. These are the teachers that kept the school as an "A" school for years.  Interesting that the school did not do so well in its rating this year.Could it be too much emphasis on Danielson and not enough emphasis on what the older teachers know is the way to reach students?

On another note, two long time teachers retired.  The AP stood up at the end term meeting and praised one, thanked him for his service and wished him well.  The other one, she ignored.  Secretly she was happy both left.  Two less veterans to worry about.  In another meeting a different AP addressed his department.  He gleefully told them of the "troublemaker" who would not be back.  He was really talking about the 35 year old veteran teacher who gave her life to her students who was retiring.

The incompetent and inexperienced administrators of today are ruining teachers careers and reputations but more importantly they are ruining schools and no one cares.  More importantly, they are leaving today's youths in the hands of teachers not properly prepared to help them grow to capacity.


Anonymous said...

The higher ups rejoice in the incompetence of school level administrators.

Abigail Shure

Anonymous said...

It's horrible. When I was a young teacher I went to at least 3 retirement parties every June, that was in addition to an end term party. During my last term in a closing school a wonderful lady who taught for 38 years retired. No mention at the faculty meeting, no retirement party and no end term party. They simply don't want experienced educators and I've come to believe they want these kids stuck in a cycle of poverty. This is one way they are doing it.

Ms. Tsouris said...

A universal qualification appears to be the ability to alienate, objectify and then bully people. What a low my former profession has sunk to! I'm so glad I'm retired!