Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Shame On You!

Yes, you heard right, shame on you.  You are the Principal that is allowing the teacher to be abused by his immediate supervisors, probably even encouraging it.  You don't care that the teacher has been in the system for over 30 years and in your school for more than 20 of them.  You don't care that the teacher spends hours of his own time helping his students, before and after school and even weekends.  You don't care about the hours he agonizes over exams and lessons.  All you care about is that you don't like a couple of questions you heard him ask or the problems he has had with students that everyone else in the school has with these kids.  You care about your vindictive, incompetent AP who does not like him and you support that supervisor.

But, mostly you don't care about the children you are in charge of.  You have allowed this AP to make the teacher so miserable that he walked out before the end of the semester.  You sacrificed the education of over 100 students to get a good, caring teacher to leave.  The teacher wasn't perfect, no one is but in the scheme of things that doesn't really matter.  The kids who were fortunate enough to be in his class learned well.  They had a loving, nurturing teacher.  Now they will have a string of substitutes.  There will be no stability There will be no one involved enough in their lives to care.

You claimed to have taken the job of Principal because of your love of children but you are not showing it.  You have your own.  Would you want their teachers to walk out in the middle?  You might as well admit it, you care about moving up on the career ladder and nothing else.


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