Friday, January 16, 2015

Breakers-Evil Ones

I just finished reading Unbroken and the horror of what those poor GI's suffered as Japanese POWs will never leave me.  The other thing that will never leave me is the knowledge of a stupid, inexperienced lieutenant who sent them out in a plane not fly worthy.  He was the guilty one in this case and should be tried and imprisoned.

This made me think about all the incompetent, inexperienced and out of licensed supervisors out there ruining teachers careers and forcing many to retire.  The special education AP, with no experience in the subject telling others how to teach, ruining not only teachers but students as well.

Unbroken was horrific.  So bad that I cannot bring myself to see these horrors on the big screen.  These stupid administrators are putting teachers and students in harms way, like the lieutenant who ordered them to fly.  This has got to change.

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Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, it will not end. Sad to say- the children lose.