Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Effective Teaching

Although I am teaching a pre-calculus class in the college, I know many of my students will never take another math class when they walk out the door after the final in December.   While it is important to me that they pass, it is more important that they learn to think and to analyze.  They need to see the relevance of math in real life, even if it only helps with problem solving skills.  It is also important for the ones who are math phobic to learn that math is nothing to be afraid of and can be mastered if they stop, break the problem apart and think it through.

I haven't reached them all, but I know I have been successful with many in the past.  If I can do it again, I know my term will be successful.  That is all I need to show me I am a highly effective teacher.

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Anonymous said...

Being highly effective means you care. You have earned that label!

I am ready for that beer to start my semester!