Tuesday, April 05, 2011

If I Was A Billionaire

If I was a billionaire.

I would open my own school and take in kids like Rosie, Billie and Nutjob, good kids but kids that don't function like everyone else.  I'd put them in small classes, classes with maybe 5 or 6 students where they could not get distracted and had to show up.  I'd nurture their strengths and provide help for their weaknesses.  I'd provide and environment that would encourage their growth.  There would be rules, but rules they could live with.  I'd provide their teachers with good salaries, benefits and encourage them to join the union.

If I was a billionaire I wouldn't spend my money on pretty advertisements and television ads telling the world what a great job I was doing.  I'd use my money to do a good job and it wouldn't matter if the only ones who knew were Rosie, Billie and Nutjob.

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