Thursday, July 12, 2007

Random Subway Day 2

Random Subway Day 2 was not totally random. Six of us had tickets to see a show (more on that later) that night and I mistakenly invited one of them to join me on my adventures before the show.

Let me begin by saying I love this friend. She usually does not mind walking and going on my crazy Manhattan adventures. We had a great day when we went to see NCLB and began with lunch and counterfeit pocketbooks in Chinatown. Yesterday the heat got to her and her whining made me vow to only do solo random days.

We began our trip at FIT and saw their current exhibit on luxury, all the dresses people have worn from the 1800's until present to show off how much money they had. The Chanel's were unbelievably gorgeous and no matter when they were made, they could be worn today. There was also a great art exhibit about performance art. If you are in the neighborhood, it is worth a stop. Admission is free. And if you need a bathroom stop, they have great facilities.

After the museum, we headed to 32nd street to visit the Jack's 99 Cent Store. It was air conditioned and it stopped the complaining for a while. Along the way, I photographed the Styrofoam packing in the street.

When we walked out of Jack's we went into Manhattan Mall for a while and then headed up to Toys R Us in Times Square. It was raining and my whiny friend stopped complaining because the temperature cooled down a lot. Notice the weather does not stop New Yorkers. Bicycles keep moving and so do people. Even baby strollers are equipped with rain covers.

If you have never been in this Toys R US you are missing a really cool experience. There is a three story ferris wheel in the building. Costumed characters walk around, and lots of toys are being demonstrated and kids are being played with.

We then headed over to meet the rest of our party on 44th and 9th at the West Way Diner. This is a great place to meet. The food is good, not great. My fussy friends who are always on diets and watching every morsel of food going into their mouths can always find something to eat. Unfortunately, it started pouring along the way and we were soaked through and through by the time we got there.

After dinner we walked to show. It was JAP--Jewish American Princesses of Comedy. The show was a riot. One of the comedians was on Last Comic Standing, one of them is gay, and one is half Jewish, half Catholic. The show is performed in the Actor's temple where lots of famous people were members.

By the time the show was over, it stopped raining. We walked to subway and went home. The next random day will have to wait until August. We leave for Alaska on Saturday. Hope you enjoy the photos.


Pissed Off Mom said...

I have enjoyed your photos and they have made me so green with envy. I used to love to do the subway tour and I used to drag my whiny kids with me, so I emphatize.
I told my oldest son that next Monday he is to meet me after work and we are going to do the subway tour, he was happy saying that he is all ready for it now. I will think fondly of you as I am doing it.

Pissed Off said...

My daughter used to do random subway days with me before she moved to Maryland. One of my favorites was when I took her up to Harlem and we walked all of 125th St and then up to City College, the college I attended. It was great seeing how the neighborhood improved over the years.

Have fun on your journey.