Sunday, July 16, 2006

Harassing Summer School Teachers

I am on the phone right now with a friend who is teaching summer school English. She has always gotten excellent reviews and is considered by all who know her to be an excellent teacher. Well, guess what? Her supervisor observed her on Friday and stayed in the room one hour. He found nothing good to say to her. In fact, he left her a letter at the end of the day threatening her with a U rating. She elicited the aim from the class and he complained because it wasn't on the board when he walked in the room. She did journal writing, group work and had the kids act out a play that they had written. He complained that the plays were not good and not well acted. Her supervisor left her a long letter, mentioning all the points she supposedly missed. He told her he would redo the observation on Tuesday and she could talk to him before then. Unfortunately, summer school leaves no time for meeting with supervisors. Teachers are paid about one-third their usual salary and are supposed to do three times the work. While she is more than happy to meet with him, he will probably be gone the second the last class ends. While the lesson might not have been exemplary, it was certainly satisfactory. These kids are taking English in summer school which means that they probably did not do the right thing in the first place. They are not motivated, do no homework and very little class work. She is glad that they come to class every day, with notebooks and pens. She cannot go to their homes to force them to do homework or reading assignments. The school should be glad that they have a bright, caring person teaching summer school instead of harassing her and making her life miserable.


NYC Educator said...

There's a lesson in here somewhere, and this teacher hasn't gotten it---I think it's "don't teach summer school."

Maybe you oughta get over there and post an aim on her board to help her out.

Pissed Off said...

Unfortunately some people need the money.