Thursday, December 22, 2016

A Calling or a Job

I loved teaching high school math.  I was blessed with a career that brought me happiness.  I cried when I retired and still miss it but, it was a job, not a calling.

I worked for that paycheck and if it wasn't there I would have been out the door.

I don't know why the lawyer pictured above is now teaching algebra but I am willing to bet no "higher authority" called him there.  He would not be doing it without the bimonthly deposit in his bank account.

(Picture from an ad on the F train)


Anonymous said...

I do think that for many of us teaching is our calling. We can't imagine doing anything else. Unfortunately, the teaching profession has been hijacked by the politicians, teacher unions and the "experts." There is little teaching and learning going on in many of the NYC public schools. Perhaps the fellow in the poster believes that what he is doing is teaching? My guess is that whoever created that poster is just taking advantage of his inexperience.

mathematicamama said...

Whose inexperience? An internet search yields an impressive list of accomplishments. It would be difficult to fabricate all that information.

Rita Cat said...

Inexperience teaching. I, for one, think these are paid models.

Anonymous said...

My concern is not really the teacher in the ad, who does have years of teaching experience. (Bloomberg years, when the massive corruption exploded). I am concerned with the false impression portrayed in the ad that the teaching career in NYC is one of teaching and integrity. Appealing to one's sense of good will, purpose, vocation, etc. is not genuine and extremely deceptive when the goals of the DOE have very little to do with educating people.